Welcome to Klarity

We want to help save time, mental energy, and human potential by automating the most painful aspects of contract review.

Our vision is to eliminate the need for manual document review with cutting-edge GenAI. Current solutions involve complex workflow software that does little more than optimize handoffs between humans.

Simply put, we’ve set out to do something no one has ever done before. It’s difficult, challenging, and rewarding.

Our organization requires innovation in every area – technology, product, operations, sales and marketing. We welcome unconventional ideas and challenges to the status quo, they’re essential to our continued success.


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We genuinely value and respect each other, our customers and partners.

20+ Languages

We are a melting pot of cultures.


We take work seriously. Not ourselves. At the end of the day you should have fun along the way.


We are proudly majority female.


We care deeply about our craft and draw immense satisfaction from it.


We are obsessed with GenAI and how we are changing the world with it.


We collaborate with humility and value proactive and open communication above all else.


We are looking for 1%’ers across the board and compensate accordingly.

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You take complete ownership over your work and like to iterate quickly.

Klarity team


Equity and Top-of-market salary

Health, dental, and vision coverage (US)

Monthly wellness stipend

Annual learning & development stipend

Strong In-Office Culture. We turn up.

Social activities in person & virtual

Pet office friendly

401(k) Plan (US)


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