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It's a long term investment from our point of view. Not only can Klarity reduce the audit risk for organizations, particularly for a public company. Having an intelligent solution, it will speed up overall processing time and reduce the friction within the sales motion.

I've actually recommended Klarity to many of my peers and former employees or colleagues. This is a tool that they absolutely should look at. This is definitely an area that's been a pain point -- the Excel version of a deal review checklist, especially post ASC-606, can be very detailed, multiple tabs, and very labor intensive.

We care about our employee experience at Genesys, and that's the part that we're really excited about for Klarity. Nobody wants to be slogging through contracts all day, and so the huge benefit to our company isn't even in the dollar savings – it's in the impact on our employees.

This next generation of AI and Klarity, in particular, was a big unlock for us. We're doing things we couldn't have done before and in ways that were smart from a resourcing perspective. But also, engaging for the people doing the work as well.

Where the Klarity team really stands out is the attention to detail they put into understanding your process. They will sit with you from beginning to end, walk through the entire process, and really try to understand it.

"We completely updated our scoping process. We no longer need a materiality threshold for contract review, we can simply rely on Klarity to identify the areas of risk."

“Klarity took a bunch of our PDFs and turned them into a clean, searchable, database in a couple of hours.”

“Klarity automates one of the most time-consuming parts of my job and saves me 85% of my time compared to my previous manual process.“

“Klarity allows my team to automate the painful manual process of extracting meaningful data, and provides peace of mind by reducing the potential for human error.”