Chief Accounting Officer & Controller

Where the Klarity team really stands out is the attention to detail they put into understanding your process. They will sit with you from beginning to end, walk through the entire process, and really try to understand it.

Billie Jonn
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Why CAOs & Controllers choose Klarity

Scalability and Flexibility

Generative AI solutions can be easily scaled to accommodate fluctuations in workload without the need to hire, train, or manage additional staff. This scalability ensures adaptability to changing business requirements and maintains cost-efficiency.


Unmatched Accuracy and Consistency

Generative AI ensures unwavering precision and consistency in financial and accounting operations. It eliminates the human error factor, resulting in more reliable financial data, reduced risk, and enhanced decision-making capabilities.


Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

Generative AI systems are designed with robust automated controls, offering superior data protection and compliance adherence. This addresses concerns related to data breaches, privacy regulations, and audit requirements that offshoring often struggles to manage.


Klarity automates one of the most time-consuming parts of my job and saves me 85% of my time compared to my previous manual process.

Barrett Wilkowski

What other CAOs and Controllers think

Gabe Perteet

This next generation of AI and Klarity, in particular, was a big unlock for us. We're doing things we couldn't have done before and in ways that were smart from a resourcing perspective. But also, engaging for the people doing the work as well.

Benny Huang

It's a long term investment from our point of view. Not only can Klarity reduce the audit risk for organizations, particularly for a public company. Having an intelligent solution, it will speed up overall processing time and reduce the friction within the sales motion.

Eileen Parker

I've actually recommended Klarity to many of my peers and former employees or colleagues. This is a tool that they absolutely should look at. This is definitely an area that's been a pain point -- the Excel version of a deal review checklist, especially post ASC-606, can be very detailed, multiple tabs, and very labor intensive.


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