As an Accounting Leader, you don’t want any surprises.

As a Revenue Accounting Manager, you face the limitations of manual contract review every day.

As a Revenue Accountant, you’re the one grinding it out.

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The Challenge: Manual Contract Review Process

Your scope is wide, and accuracy is critical at every level. The contract review process is just one piece of the puzzle.

But it’s also a high-risk area, prone to human errors that can be disproportionately costly. Today, contract review requires expensive headcount to perform repetitive, manual tasks that often turn the end of every quarter or fiscal year into a heartburn-inducing scramble.

Controller & CAO

How We Help

Accounting Leaders

Redirect your high-skill employee headcount

Klarity allows you to redirect high-skill employee headcount to more strategic projects by automating the first review process.

Contract review process is automated from start to finish

The entire contract review process is automated based on your workflow. Start to finish, and notifying your team along every stage of the journey. With audit logs throughout that include time and date stamps, user stamps, questions and resolutions.

Be ready whenever key reporting dates roll around

We provide you with the insights and information that is important for you exponantially faster and help you to achieve peace of mind when key reporting dates and yearly audits roll around.

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