As an Accounting Leader, you don’t want any surprises.

As a Revenue Accounting Manager, you face the limitations of manual contract review every day.

As a Revenue Accountant, you’re the one grinding it out.

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The Challenge: Manual Contract Review Process

On one end of the spectrum, company leadership depends on you for insight that can take weeks to provide. On the other, your direct team struggles through the painful, antiquated process of manual contract review.

The buck stops with you, and it’s your team that puts in hard hours making sense of countless documents across multiple systems. It’s time-consuming, and has a tendency to be left nagging at the end of each quarter. Any way the process can be streamlined saves tremendous time and effort.

Today’s workflows often require revenue analysts and junior accountants to toggle needlessly back and forth between half a dozen contracts and spreadsheets. They even have to manually check to see when a contract is on their plate for review — time better spent on strategic initiatives.

Revenue Accounting Manager

How We Help

Revenue Accounting Managers

Contract review process is automated from start to finish

The entire contract review process is automated based on your workflow. Start to finish, and notifying your team along every stage of the journey. With audit logs throughout that include time and date stamps, user stamps, questions and resolutions.

Assign contracts to team members and track as they go through the workflow

You can be confident that sufficeint controls are in place for both internal and external auditors. This also provides important insight into who has reviewed which contracts, which reviews are still outstanding and who on your team might simply have too much on their plate.

Easy, single viewpoint into all the key data extracted

Klarity provides an easy, single viewpoint into all of the key data extracted by your contract review process, making it easy to provide both standard quarterly reporting and fulfill bespoke requests from company leadership quickly.

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